Friday, 31 October 2014


8th December MOTM Rooms 17 and 13 Eastern Beach

Students will be participating in a range of fun and challenging activities at Eastern Beach. Activities will include; Paddle Games, Kayaking, Kite Making, Archery, and Cooperative Games. The students will be transported to and from Eastern Beach via bus.

9th In school - Student Led Conference Night

10th In school - students told what we are doing on the day, no helpers needed

11th The Amazing Race

In teams you will face obstacles, crush challenges and solve puzzles as you race around Wattle Downs.

Eat food you never thought you would eat, push your body to the limit and rack your brain to be the first to complete these challenges, make it to the pit stop and become the winner of:

12th Clay Day in school

Parent helpers will be needed for the MOTM Eastern Beach and Amazing Race experiences.  A newsletter will be coming out next week in regards to this.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

By Finn

Once there was a boy.  He had a friend called Jake, but his name was Mik.

They went into the wood and they found a man-kind-of-made cave.  When they went inside the door slammed behind them. They saw two glowing red eyes, then a werewolf leapt out of the darkness and grabbed Jake.

Mik wanted to help him but he sprinted off as the werewolf teared Jake apart in a bloody mess.

As Mik ran, he spotted a spooky, mysterious house.  So he thought “At least it will be a good place to stay warm.”  So he went to it and trotted inside.  It was dark and messy.

He walked about, exploring the place as he heard screams and scoffs (as though someone was eating someone else) that echoed in his ears.

“Heeeeeelp me!” it shouted.

He jumped into the room prepared to rescue anybody there, but all he saw was darkness and then a flash of a wing was revealed in the light and there in front of him he saw blood thirsty vampire with saliva leaking from his lips.

The last thing he saw was a flash of blackness and the crunching feeling of teeth cutting his throat.  And peeking out of his eye he saw the vampire who said “Gooda night” as he walked out of the room laughing hysterically.