Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Finn and his family in the mud run

In the weekend me,Callum,mum,and dad were going to the mud run.There was a long twirly and bumpy ride through the country side. I saw a million houses on every block.                                                                    

Then we stopped.  I jumped into my running clothes, got out of the car, got our signs on and got a lolly packet, and those lollies smelled delicious.

We then went to the starting line, it seemed like h-o-u-r-s of listening to someone telling us the rules and then TOOOOT! we all ran off!  We ran and ran and ran and RAN.  At the first part it was a foot aching upwards run, luckily an easy run straight and then a super slidy finish.

And to tell you something impressive - it was 27 KILOMETRES to the final part.

I'm covered in mud that I felt on my legs.  Just as I vomited it was agh…AWESOME!  

Here are some words to explain it:
Awesome, extraordinary, superb, fantastic, mind-blowing, incredible, unbelievable, super, cool and finally…best…thing…EVER!                                        



  1. Brilliant writing Finn, so descriptive! I'm really glad you enjoyed the run too, because we've got another one to do in a couple of weeks!
    PS. The run was 7km (27km would have been VERY impressive)!

    1. Phew - it was putting me to shame (the 27km), then again I don't think I could do 7km in the mud!!! Nice work Finn!

    2. nice writing Finn its really really AWESOME

  2. that's a really good writing Finn

  3. What great writing Finn! You know me, I loved seeing the photos. This looks like such a cool thing to do, but I think I'd rather watch! Lovely to see what you've been up to. Mrs Clarke (:


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