Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A day before fathers day me and my Dad went to the south of the   Hunua to go trail building. We arrived at 10:00 to start at the top of the track.

Arrown, Bryan, Dad, Ed and me started to cut trees. down to make way for the new bike race.As sone as we get to the second part of the track we had to use the chain saw again. Chopping down more bamboo trees.

Gosh this mite be to long for my famished stomach I'll better get a drink. I stay in the car for the rest of time till the rest are ready to go to the next part.


  1. I love this peace of writing who ever writ it.
    please comment who writ this.
    sorry I know I know did not say on mine who writ it.
    well I did not say my one eney way I writ (THE GIRL WHO PAINTED THE FUTURE)
    that's by me (Ella)

    so please say who writ it I love it so so so much no wonder Miss Tait told you to write it on the blog it's so awesome.

    From Ella


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