Wednesday, 10 September 2014

I see bright green grass waving in the could wind.
Then I hear the wind blowing like a storm is happening.
I smell the rasty old  meatel.
I tast little drops of walter fuling from the sky

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The girl that painted the future

Long long long ago sat an ordinary girl in a ordinary chair. Now that girl…Lets stop calling her girl I know her name so I'll use it.Lucy lived in a musty old house her roof was grey her windows
black and her house was the most awfulest colour I had ever seen. I can't dear to say it , ok I'll say it, it was …. ok few deep breath br br br bro brown, yuck.

Now Lucy was feeling glum her chin crinkled up and her lips were saying down like baggy pants.
"Oh why oh why do I live in this gloomy glum place need to invent paint. Oh poor me Oh poor me
this is so not fair"
But there was only one problem there was no colour in the whole entire universe Lucy's heart sank.
Her entire town grey town was all grey every ones house was like hers. Grey black and a torturous brown. So she decided to go to sleep in her hard black bed.

The next morning at one o'clock Lucy woke up and she sprang out of bed and ran to the living room.
She clenched onto the remote and pressed a silver button, and ping the tv turned on
then Lucy jumped, "Holy molly

Now because of this screaming her neighbours woke up. However  it wasn't her fault she screamed there  was colours, colours on the screen. All of a sudden Lucy's mouth shut tight listening to the tv box as it said "In grey town somewhere there is a rainbow" Lucy screamed again "wow, this day is awesome"

1 hour later, Lucy was packing her bag ready for the long journey.


She laid there,  her chocolate brown eyes stared into the diamond blue sky.  Madelyn smiled at the sun and the sun smiled back in a secret way only she could understand. 

Happy tears rushed down her face because her dad was coming home that day and she had never felt so happy. Madelyn quickly ran inside to set the table,  she put the cookies on the plate which she had made for her dad and she was proud of them.  However there was no beer on the table for him so she grabbed some beer from the fridge. Then a car drove up the drive way.It was dad.     

By Kenjiah.W

Finn and his family in the mud run

In the weekend me,Callum,mum,and dad were going to the mud run.There was a long twirly and bumpy ride through the country side. I saw a million houses on every block.                                                                    

Then we stopped.  I jumped into my running clothes, got out of the car, got our signs on and got a lolly packet, and those lollies smelled delicious.

We then went to the starting line, it seemed like h-o-u-r-s of listening to someone telling us the rules and then TOOOOT! we all ran off!  We ran and ran and ran and RAN.  At the first part it was a foot aching upwards run, luckily an easy run straight and then a super slidy finish.

And to tell you something impressive - it was 27 KILOMETRES to the final part.

I'm covered in mud that I felt on my legs.  Just as I vomited it was agh…AWESOME!  

Here are some words to explain it:
Awesome, extraordinary, superb, fantastic, mind-blowing, incredible, unbelievable, super, cool and finally…best…thing…EVER!                                        

A day before fathers day me and my Dad went to the south of the   Hunua to go trail building. We arrived at 10:00 to start at the top of the track.

Arrown, Bryan, Dad, Ed and me started to cut trees. down to make way for the new bike race.As sone as we get to the second part of the track we had to use the chain saw again. Chopping down more bamboo trees.

Gosh this mite be to long for my famished stomach I'll better get a drink. I stay in the car for the rest of time till the rest are ready to go to the next part.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Samoan Learning - via Google Presentations

By Brooklyn

Kaylee hearing about the Giant Snails from Keegan

Bill sharing his information on the islands of Samoa

By Ella

Caitlin's group copying Samoan numbers down.

Jessika presenting her information on the t.v.

Angelina's facts about Samoa.