Sunday, 8 June 2014

Room 17 Swimming day Thursday 29th May 2014

 By Jessika 

Today at swimming we learnt about how to be safe when drowning and screaming out help!

  Room 17 was told to go over to a side and sit down.
 We all were listening to Lisa (the instructor) while another instructor put life jackets, boards and noodles behind everybody.Then the person who was sitting on our left was our buddy for doing a buddy activity.  First the people sitting down were the people that were going to pretend to drown and the people on the side were saving the people that was pretending to drown with the board
The person that was standing up throw the board at the person that was pretending to drown and that person that pretend to drown kicked on there backs to the life saver and the life saver pulled me out of the water.

Second :

Everybody in Room 17 had a noodle behind us.
We all had the same buddy again.Well heres how it
goes: The same thing but they have to lie on your tummy and pull out the noodle and drag the person that was pretending to drown and pull them up and out of the water which was preety fun I wish I could do that again!


Room 17 had to line up in a line down on the side of the pool and turn around and sit down facing the wall. We had to hold the person next to your arm like a cowboy dose when he’s skipping with his girlfriend. And then a man named Peter tipped Jacob down and we all fell in until it got to Marc the DOMINOS STOPPED! because Daniel wasent holding on to Marc properly and then Peter pushed Daniel down and then it all started again untill it got up to Kendyl ( oh yea we had life jakest on whiel doing the dominos)WE are the dominos.


Room 17 was allowed to swim in our life jakets into a circel 
in the pool in the middle and then we floted on our backs and had our knees up by our chest and Lisa and Peter span
us around and Lisa and Peter splashed us with water beceuse it was a thundrey day then it was a sunny day untill
it was a rainy day that they were pretending to do all of that stuff

We all had fun though really fun
Room 17 had a great day!.
And a big thank you to the
parents that helped that day

Thank you 

Jessika and Room 17


  1. Sometimes I do good writing

  2. Wow what a great story, it sounds like your class is having lots of fun :)

  3. AWSOME writing Jessika I like the pictures.

  4. Awesome Writing Jessika from Aunty Michell

  5. great writing jess



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