Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Tui Team Bike Day

On friday the 23rd it was bike safety day. We had to have closed up shoes/helmet/bike or scooter to go. If you did not have any of these you could not go on the course. I did not get to do that much stuff because my mum called me to the office, but I got to do one of them and that was plenty enough for me because  I got to bike home.

Did I mention that there were four courses? Oops sorry I did not tell you! At the start we had to bring the bikes from the scoter/bike rack. Girls went first of course, then boys. After that we went on the concrete or grass with the Tui team where some kereru team girls showed us what to do with the four courses. After the girls explained what to do we went off like the wind! Then I only did one lap when the speaker went for me to go home - boo! I had fun while it lasted.

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