Sunday, 4 May 2014

Homework Task Week 1 Term 2

What do you know a lot about? 
What could you teach others about? 

Think of something that you know a lot about that you could inform our blog audience about. Is there something that you can do? Or something you've read about that you know a lot about? It can be anything!

We are learning to: Write to inform (teach us something!).
To be successful we will:

  • Say what it is we're informing you about.
  • Say two or three things you know about the topic.
And if you're really amazing you could...
Elaborate (tell us more) about each of the things (points) you talk about.

Eg: If I was informing you about Super Mario Games one of my points might be;
In Super Mario games Mario's objective is to find Princess Peach.
To elaborate more I could give you some examples of this, or tell you more.
In Super Mario games Mario's objective is to find Princess Peach. She is usually taken by Mario's arch nemesis, Bowser. In 'Paper Mario' she is even taken all the way into space and Mario has to follow her their to rescue her!

Do your writing in the comment box of this post and let Mrs Clarke know if you need any help.



    My rabbit,Digory is a french lop rabbit. He has black, brown and white patches.
    We feed him pelets,apple,carrot,water. He helps him self to the vegi garden and the pashoin fruit vine.
    We need to clean his cage and give him fresh hay and take out his poop. We also need to move his cage so he has fresh grass to eat.
    Yes he is cheeky but he's the best rabbit I know.

    By Ella

  2. I am going to talk about my dog Molly. She is a Staffie (Staffordshire Bull Terrier). Staffies are medium sized dogs with Short hair, they are originally from England. Staffies are very clever,fearless and loyal and my Molly is all three of these. She is very obedient always does as she is told, she is not scared of anything and she loves all our family, when I sit with her she always licks me. She is getting old now 14 in dog years is the same as 98 in human years, every 1 dog year is the same as 7 human years. She still loves going for walks and swimming in the sea. By Evie

  3. I am going to tell you about Fiji. In Fiji you learn Fijian language. Here are some examples. Bula means hello. Vinaka means thank you. In Fiji it is very hot so you should drink lot of water. If you have a pool you should go swimming every day to help cool off. By Keegan.

  4. Lego Marvel is a game that is made out of Lego. The basics of the game is save the city by stopping Doctor Doom from killing life on earth. To stop Doctor Doom from killing life on earth you take the cosmic bricks off him and by venturing around world and space don't forget to finish the game my ratings for the game is 9 out of 10. by Lucas.

  5. Toy Story is a movie that has lots of toys that come to life when Andy, their owner leaves the room. The main characters are Woody a cowboy doll and Buzz Lightyear a space toy. They need to learn to become friends. Woody also has a horse named Bullseye, he really likes Woody. I enjoy this movie as I like to think my toys could come to life too. I think that everybody should watch Toy Story because if I like it you will like it too. By Jordan Kingham

  6. I"m going to talk to you on my bloger about minecraft

    >On the game minecraft the body of you is squre block
    >I thuot you would no the grass and outher things are block
    >the special diamand is 279 blocks down iron is 251 gold is 267 blocks down-and emerald is 388 down
    >how to make a beakan is 1 diamand blocks 13 glass blocks
    >you can find a big rare puffle fish 350.3 metres away from sporn
    >there is two type of chest a ender chest that insteard of having one of ech thing you have two and the normal ches you will not get two of them you will acshelli get one of ech thing
    >nether wart is a plant that grows in the nether not grass/farm land/what block do think nether wart grow on?guest
    > i you have a chouse of creative or sivival mode that is a bit harder becauseyou need to make your things in sdead of alredy havingthem in your invintory

  7. I have a dog called Sinbad who is a Labrador. He is a family, guard and trained companion. A Labrador is bred to work as retrievers,hunt dogs,detect drugs and commonly used as guide dogs. The Labrador is friendly, intelligent, tolerant and fun loving. My dog Sinbad is a great Labrador.

  8. Playing Pool in the garage.
    When you play pool you have to use a cue to hit the balls into the pockets. There are six pockets on the pool table.
    You use the white ball to hit the other balls into the pockets. Dad always says " chalk your cue". The balls are split into overs and unders. The overs are numbered from 9 to 15 and the unders are numbered from 1 to 7.
    You win when you sink all of your balls and then the black number 8 is last.

  9. At Inflatable World there is a big bouncy blow-up pillow, when-ever someone jumps on one side everyone on the other side goes up. By the climbing wall is a wobbly blow-up mushroom that if you go one way the mushroom tips up that way. Next to the blow-up pillow is some balls first you go in the ball (by the way the balls have holes in each ends to get in) put the straps over your shoulders and start rolling, once Ella got stuck on her head. It is AWESOME.
    By Brooklyn

  10. It was an amazing experience to read one of your best write ups. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.

  11. Were is the homework for 28\7\2014 I have lost mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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