Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Science - observing, note taking and hypothesis making

In Room 17 we have been looking at the experimental process and fair variables.

Our first experiment started when we looked at oil and water.  According to Ashley P's observations they "They don't want to combine, even after we shook them they fell away from each other."

We then looked at a tablet which releases the gas carbon dioxide when placed in liquid.  This release of carbon dioxide made the water "explode" and the gas tried to escape by rising to the surface of the liquid.

Using this prior knowledge we hypothesised on what would happen if we were to mix coloured water, oil and a carbon dioxide releasing tablet.

Here are some of those hypotheses:

This is what actually happened:

The berocca tablet began releasing CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) which rose to the surface and took the heavier water with it, through the oil and it created an AMAZING LAVA LAMP effect.

So, oil and water managed to mix and be friends, if only for a short while.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

On Friday the 23rd of May it was bike safety. If you wanted to join in you must have closed in shoes, a helmet  and a bike or  scooter. There were  4 different courses  for year 4s and for the seniors  
they have a show off course to do - it looked like it was a very hard course for the seniors.
They had to do lots of different things on their bikes with out getting off their bikes to
look like a  show off it sounded very hard to me.

The tui team's 4 courses were biking on the lines, biking with a bean bag on your head and the last one was when you do races and relays.
For myself the year 4's bike and scooter courses were very  fun for me.  I would rate it 9 out of 10. 

On Friday 23 of May it was bike day. It was the middle of the afternoon when we started to go to the activity,  but before  we start the teacher Mrs Clark has to check that we have all our stuff like closed in shoes,  a helmet and of course a bike or a scooter.

It was so fun!  The first obstacle course was very tricky - first you have to go round lots of bends. Now up to the next obstacle course, we had to go round the cones dipping in and out. Now up to the third obstacle course - we had to go round and round like a round about. I think the Tui team had a lovely time.

Tui Team Bike Day

On friday the 23rd it was bike safety day. We had to have closed up shoes/helmet/bike or scooter to go. If you did not have any of these you could not go on the course. I did not get to do that much stuff because my mum called me to the office, but I got to do one of them and that was plenty enough for me because  I got to bike home.

Did I mention that there were four courses? Oops sorry I did not tell you! At the start we had to bring the bikes from the scoter/bike rack. Girls went first of course, then boys. After that we went on the concrete or grass with the Tui team where some kereru team girls showed us what to do with the four courses. After the girls explained what to do we went off like the wind! Then I only did one lap when the speaker went for me to go home - boo! I had fun while it lasted.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Bike Safety Week

Last week Room 17 and Reremoana School participated in Biking Safety Week. On Friday we had a bike and scooter day with an obstacle course and fun activities in the afternoon. During the week in Room 17 we made bike and other road safety posters.

You can see our posters in our library. Here are some of us explaining our safety message.

We're sorry the images are back to front - we forgot to change the settings before we began recording!

Room 17

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Mother's Day

Forgive us for this post being a week late! It's been a busy old fortnight in Room 17!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Homework Task Week 1 Term 2

What do you know a lot about? 
What could you teach others about? 

Think of something that you know a lot about that you could inform our blog audience about. Is there something that you can do? Or something you've read about that you know a lot about? It can be anything!

We are learning to: Write to inform (teach us something!).
To be successful we will:

  • Say what it is we're informing you about.
  • Say two or three things you know about the topic.
And if you're really amazing you could...
Elaborate (tell us more) about each of the things (points) you talk about.

Eg: If I was informing you about Super Mario Games one of my points might be;
In Super Mario games Mario's objective is to find Princess Peach.
To elaborate more I could give you some examples of this, or tell you more.
In Super Mario games Mario's objective is to find Princess Peach. She is usually taken by Mario's arch nemesis, Bowser. In 'Paper Mario' she is even taken all the way into space and Mario has to follow her their to rescue her!

Do your writing in the comment box of this post and let Mrs Clarke know if you need any help.