Monday, 7 April 2014

The Rube Goldberg Machine

The Rube Goldberg Machine

First we made our Rube Goldberg machine,  we went with Ella's plan.

We made it,  we went to the top then the middle then the last bit.

The first bit was the dominoes and some book.  Ella brought one car in and we used a table to put the cardboard down. Mrs Clarke gave  us a pin to put it on the car to pop the balloon.

In the middle bit we had a hard cardboard and some books underneath it so the car could go down it.

Finally we did the last bit. We put the balloon down with one more table it was on the side  of the  table. We put some books too so the balloon did not go away.

Finally we started to do it. We pushed the books down but it did not work so we pushed the dominoes box and the dominoes fell down and there where to balls that pushed the car and went down and popped the balloon. 

by Caitlin.

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