Thursday, 6 March 2014

The new dog

"Woof grrrrr yip yap yip" aw I so want a dog, now I'll tell you a story about how all that changed.

Once upon a time I [Brooklyn] went on a walk, alone, scary, in the dark... well maybe not in the dark but you get what I mean. I looked around. Everyone had a dog...well maybe not everyone but mostly everyone. I felt sad.  I closed my eyes and thought how good it would be to have a dog - running in the park, throwing balls and having slobber on my hands. But I didn't know that dogs turn into nightmares!

It all happened when I got home, we were eating dinner at the time when my dad jumps through the door. "We have got a new member of the family" he yelled.
"Not another baby "I growled.
"No, not another baby" he yelled, "it's not! Aw I mean I'll like it if it was a baby, but it's not!" I said "No! it's a puppy" dad yelled
"Oh my goodness I really wish you had told me before you bought it" said my mum.
"But mum, he's so cute" I groaned.
"Fine, but I'll be naming him.  He's Skipper" said mum.
"Fine it's skipper then want to come outside Skipper?"
"woof" what I think means yes!. I was right I went running in the park, throwing the ball and having
slobber on my hands- until it was time to go inside I took one step towards the door until
"SLAP" Skipper had tripped me up and made me hert my chin "OOOWWW what's that for?" I aksed
Skipper grolled "hey hey hey what's wrong" I tried to pat him but all he did was nip me.
"all I want to do is go inside" I said "grrrr" he growled "oh you don't want me too go inside" I said
"yip yap yip" he barked, so I quickly throw a ball and ran inside and shut the door finally I got to sleep.

I woke up the next morning, who did I find slobbing on me? That's right Skipper, and once he found I was awake he jumped off my bed broke my toy and naerly pulled my eye out,  maybe having a dog wasn't a good thing after all. "Honey can you walk the dog?" yelled mum "aaaammm"I was thinking.
I looked at Skipper. He was starting to growl "ok" I said because I didn't want Skipper to hurt me again. When I was on the walk I said "Ok time to go home" "grrr" he growled "...or maybe not.

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