Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Learning about Discerning

Room 17 headed outside this afternoon to play a game. Unfortunately Mrs Clarke had forgotten the rules. All she knew is that we were going to play tag. We all knew how to play tag so away we went and attempted to play. But things didn't turn out as we had hoped. Without rules there were heaps of problems! Lots of noise, people not being honest about being in and not thinking about the purpose of the game.

We needed to be discerning to make appropriate choices based on what we see and what we know. To do this we thought about what went wrong in the game and made up some rules to play by. We needed to trial our rules a couple of times (and add some extras) before we were happy with how the game was running.

We learnt that we have to think carefully about the details of what is happening so that we're able to make appropriate choices and that we also used our collaboration skills to make this happen as a team!

Here are some of our rules.


  1. Looks like you still had a lot of fun deciding what works well and what doesn't!

  2. That was a good lesson for room 17.


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