Thursday, 27 March 2014

Rube Goldberg Technology - Our journey

Our technology inquiry is all about Rube Goldberg machines. These are large machines made up of small components that ends with a easy function - like, a golfball in a cup, a balloon popping or a bell ringing. Our small simple machines that we've been focusing on in Room 17 so far are inclined planes and levers.

It's a long process to make a successful machine, as we found out with our first task of making one that ends with a golfball in a cup. Our criteria for this first machine was to;

  • end with a golfball in a cup
  • use an inclined plane
  • use dominoes
  • use marble

We played with materials, we designed machines and we failed, but we learnt lots! Reflecting on this task we decided on a few things that contributed to our failure.

So, we simplified things in our next attempt at this machine and some of our groups made a successful machine!

Some groups also came very, very close to a winner.

and after some tweaks, finally got it!

The next chapter.
Our next Rube Goldberg machine is a little bit more complicated. The criteria is;
  • end with a balloon popping
  • use an inclined plane
  • use dominoes
  • use 2 marbles
  • make a new component that will be a working part of your machine (we chose levers as a class)

We're only in the planning stages at the moment, but boy have we come up with some good ideas!

Keep watching this space to see how the rest of our journey goes.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

A day at the Gala. By Finn

I went to the gala. I got a stick of chocolate "yum yum yum!" Secondly  I went into laser tag. Me and Daniel teamed up. Even when Daniel shot me! I went to the raffle after that and ate some sherbet. I got a snow cone and got straight back into laser tag again. Then we went back to the raffle. My brother won a golf club game and 2 chickens [ I must have bad luck].

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Learning about Discerning

Room 17 headed outside this afternoon to play a game. Unfortunately Mrs Clarke had forgotten the rules. All she knew is that we were going to play tag. We all knew how to play tag so away we went and attempted to play. But things didn't turn out as we had hoped. Without rules there were heaps of problems! Lots of noise, people not being honest about being in and not thinking about the purpose of the game.

We needed to be discerning to make appropriate choices based on what we see and what we know. To do this we thought about what went wrong in the game and made up some rules to play by. We needed to trial our rules a couple of times (and add some extras) before we were happy with how the game was running.

We learnt that we have to think carefully about the details of what is happening so that we're able to make appropriate choices and that we also used our collaboration skills to make this happen as a team!

Here are some of our rules.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The new dog

"Woof grrrrr yip yap yip" aw I so want a dog, now I'll tell you a story about how all that changed.

Once upon a time I [Brooklyn] went on a walk, alone, scary, in the dark... well maybe not in the dark but you get what I mean. I looked around. Everyone had a dog...well maybe not everyone but mostly everyone. I felt sad.  I closed my eyes and thought how good it would be to have a dog - running in the park, throwing balls and having slobber on my hands. But I didn't know that dogs turn into nightmares!

It all happened when I got home, we were eating dinner at the time when my dad jumps through the door. "We have got a new member of the family" he yelled.
"Not another baby "I growled.
"No, not another baby" he yelled, "it's not! Aw I mean I'll like it if it was a baby, but it's not!" I said "No! it's a puppy" dad yelled
"Oh my goodness I really wish you had told me before you bought it" said my mum.
"But mum, he's so cute" I groaned.
"Fine, but I'll be naming him.  He's Skipper" said mum.
"Fine it's skipper then want to come outside Skipper?"
"woof" what I think means yes!. I was right I went running in the park, throwing the ball and having
slobber on my hands- until it was time to go inside I took one step towards the door until
"SLAP" Skipper had tripped me up and made me hert my chin "OOOWWW what's that for?" I aksed
Skipper grolled "hey hey hey what's wrong" I tried to pat him but all he did was nip me.
"all I want to do is go inside" I said "grrrr" he growled "oh you don't want me too go inside" I said
"yip yap yip" he barked, so I quickly throw a ball and ran inside and shut the door finally I got to sleep.

I woke up the next morning, who did I find slobbing on me? That's right Skipper, and once he found I was awake he jumped off my bed broke my toy and naerly pulled my eye out,  maybe having a dog wasn't a good thing after all. "Honey can you walk the dog?" yelled mum "aaaammm"I was thinking.
I looked at Skipper. He was starting to growl "ok" I said because I didn't want Skipper to hurt me again. When I was on the walk I said "Ok time to go home" "grrr" he growled "...or maybe not.


Lego is a toy that you can build anything out of it if you put your mind on it.
There are boys and girls lego .
You can make cars, cities, trucks, houses, ships,  planes and lots more.
Every year there are places when they put on a BIG SHOW of lego!
There are LOTS of lego themes every year.
I have lots more then you think of lego sets.
If you really like lego have a look at lego catalogues. There are two catalogues.

Mason & Lucas (we wrote together)


Lego is cool because it`s a toy that you can build anything out of.  I have made a cool car with big guns and a weapon storage at the back. You can build cars,cities,planes,weapons,houses,rockets and lots lots more. You can make your own lego people. There are girl lego and boy lego.     

Mason & Lucas (we wrote together)

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Yummy, Yummy ice cream by Ashlee

I went to get ice cream at the shop then I went back home and my little puppy Brook saw me with my ice cream.  I gave it to her then she went to sleep. Then I went to have a rest  and my little puppy woofed at me. She wanted to play one game and I said "one" and when she went back to sleep I went back to the shop and get two ice creams for me only. I said "yummy yummy ice cream". I said it by my door. My puppy barked I kept outside and kept saying "yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy ice cream". Then I had no more yummy ice cream. The next day my puppy went to the beach with me because it was a nice hot sunny day.  I went to get my togs on and my puppy Brook was waiting for me then I came out.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Homework Book Review - Week 5 Term 1

This week I would like you to choose a book to do a 'Quick Snap Book Report on'. Write your book report in the comments section of this post and make sure you write your name so we know who it's by.

Quick Snap Book Report.
Here is an example of what a ‘Quick Snap Book Report’ will have.  You made present it anyway you like as long as it has the following things on it.

  • Title, Author, illustrator
  • 5 sentence summary of the story/content
  • Your personal opinion on the book - what you liked or didn’t like.
  • A 5 star recommendation (Eg: I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars)