Sunday, 23 February 2014

Week 4 Homework Writing Task

Your task is to write about something that we've done at school in our first 4 weeks that you've really enjoyed.

We've been busy! There's been sports, fitness games, art, writing, reading (think about the books we've read together) and much more. Choose one thing to write about. Try to include as much information about what it is you've chosen so that our readers have a clear picture of what you're communicating.

You can write in the comments section under this post by simply clicking where it says 'No Comments' or the number of comments that has been made and it will bring up the comment box for you.

Remember to...
- Revise your writing by looking over it with a reader's eye and deciding if there's anything you should add or delete.
- Edit your writing by checking capital letters, fullstops and other punctuation as well as your spelling.
- Write your name at the end of your piece of writing.

Have fun!


  1. I really enjoyed making Splodge Art, because it's fun and easy to do, so lots of people could do it.
    To create Splodge Art you draw a scribble on a page and then colour in the holes with either pastel, paint or colour felts, then you cut it out.

    by Bill Axon

  2. My most favourite thing at school is sport, We mainly do team games and i get to support my friends. I really liked playng ROB THE NEST with Miss Belvey, you have to group together in your team and Miss Belvey gives you a number and when she calls your number out.....BAM you have to run to the middle and pick one ball up at a time and run back to your nest. Whoever has the most balls in their nest at the end wins the game. I LOVE SPORT. by Evie Scott

  3. I really enjoyed playing the sports because we played cricket and hockey and t-ball and padder tennis. I am good at these sports because I practice. With the cricket we do non stop cricket and it is fun. Last time we got everyone out in about 15 balls. With the hockey we got about 10-12 goals and I loved it. With the t-ball I got a home run for my team and I was back stop and bowler because me and Carlos swapped over. With padder tennis we had partners that we needed to find a line to play on. I really enjoyed this years tui teams sport.

    By Marc

  4. I really like doing P.E . I mostly like t-ball and I like running to all the bases and getting a home run.
    I really like the Gurka and doing all the things we have to do like the climbing wall and monkey bars. I really like the climbing wall because it is so hard that it makes me want to do it again. The thing I like about the monkey bars is that it is so fun .
    AND ROOM 17 IS AWSOME!!! because you get a view and we have miss Clarke.
    By Brooklyn

  5. My favourite thing was doing art because we have done messy art, crazy art, really fun art and beyond. The best thing was being around really really nice people and collaborating with people around you. I really
    like art and I hope you do to.
    By Keegan

  6. The thing I like about Room 17 is reading. When I do SSR I get to read lots of books. I have read 'Fliers and Swimmers', 'Meateaters', 'Landwalkers', 'Ice Age Giants', and other books. I also like drawing, I get to draw pictures of lots of sea monsters and sharks. Today I got to make a tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti, and... my team won the competition! I felt happy because I got one marshmallow when I went home. I really like my teacher, because we get to do fun things in Room 17!
    By Bailey Conlon

  7. I liked when we had to make a marshmallow and noodle tower, when it was done it looked "AWESOME"
    I just wanted to eat them all up! The people in my team were Ella, Josh, Catelin and ME...
    We worked well as a team and had lots of fun.
    By Jordan Kingham.

  8. One of my favourite things in Room 17 is playing the game whizz because it is really neat. I believe that I would like to play the game the whole school time. I like that it is fast and sometimes long and the signs like whizz, boing and bounce are astounding. I think this game is awesome and I would like to teach my whole family how to play. By Finn Moffitt.

  9. I really enjoyed doing our class portraits, because I like using lots of colours and photo's together. I also joined up with creative mind classes after school. This week we made face masks. I painted mine blue on the forehead for the sky and on top of the sky I have white clouds, red swirls on the cheeks for the wind. Green lips for the grass, and yellow flowers by the eyes to make it look pretty. I also like playing on the ghurka, because it is fun, and keeps me fit. My favourite thing is the monkey bars.

  10. I like sport. My favourite is fairies, giants and gnomes. First the teacher says, "Go". Then you run to your safe spot. You huddle up and decide what you'll be out of fairies, giants and gnomes. Gnomes beat fairies, fairies beat giants and giants beat gnomes. Once you've decided you run back to the teacher, when she says, "Show" you act our your character. Whoever wins they have to chase the other team and if you get tagged you become one of their team mates.
    That's my favourite game, what's yours?
    By Ella

  11. The thing I like about room 17 is the sport and energisers, my favourite energiser is whizz and my favourite fitness game that we do is farries, gnomes and giants whats yours?
    From Ashley

  12. Hello Room 17. I am in wellington now. I go to Eastern hutt school. It is ok. I miss my friend Isaiah. Hopefully Bill is not running too fast. The wind is not that bad. We are learning about Gravity. We have a pool but I can not use it until summer. I will write again soon. Jordan .....

    1. Hello Jordan,
      We all miss you so much, your funny sense of humour, the cheeky looks you give us and how hard you work. Bill says "I do run faster now!" and the rest of us think we are improving in our learning every day.

      We are learning to synthesise when we read (it means collecting lots of ideas and making them into one main message - Angelina), we are learning to find fractions of a set (which means we'll always get the biggest piece of a cake), Siapo art as part of our inquiry into Samoa (in fact yesterday we "went" to Samoa - google maps). We are also practising for athletics - be careful we might throw the shot-put so far it hits you.

      What's your teachers name? What are they like? We saw that your school is on Kings Crescent - you should change it to Kingham Crescent. We "walked" past your school...

      Stay safe, don't get blown away in windy Wellington (even though you say it's not that windy).
      We all miss you,
      Room 17


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