Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Waiuru Camp

I went to Waiuru which is a shooting grounds. It is dangerous. We built a dam. It’s still in construction and I even have my own tent. It is awesome camping at Waiuru and we made a fire and cooked the potatoes. Finally when we were going home we shot a hare! It was cool!

By Finn


  1. that mast of been fun Finn I wish I cold go from Kaylee

  2. the book I read was called Fancy Nancy illustrated by Robin Preiss glasser written by Jane O' connor
    A girl called Nancy liked being fancy she is not a dramer fancy and she tort here famlie to be fancy like Nancy
    and then they went to a restront to have dinner there and disert as wal

  3. what fun Callum came with you to aye
    love the picture

  4. was it fun...oh of cores it was fun.Oh and great writing



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