Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Marshmallow and Spaghetti Towers

This afternoon Room 17 had a very fun challenge put to them by Mrs Clarke. A challenge to make the highest tower they could. Unfortunately there were some criteria;

  • 30 Marshmallows and a stack of spaghetti each was all we had to make them
  • They must be free standing
  • We had a 20 minute time limit to put them together
  • We worked in groups of 5 that must have boys and girls and must have Year 4 and 5 students
It was tough work! There was lots of conversation and ideas flying about the room about how we could best tackle the job. Each group came up with a different way, and it was amazing to see our different design types. But then...Mrs Clarke threw a spanner in the works! A new piece of criteria, with only 5 minutes left on the clock!
  • We must move our tower to a 'judging table' for measuring at the end of the challenge.
Man did we need to be resilient to deal with that one! Everyone bounced back with a positive attitude and got to the task at hand. Every group finished with a completed tower on their judging table! How amazing are we?

We learnt a lot about being resilient and collaborating in our groups. As the weeks go on we will be doing more challenges to help us think about how we use the competencies on our learning model. Check back weekly to see how this is going and also see our Learning Model Kite window display. It's awesome sauce!

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  1. I would have had to resist eating the marshmallows! The dry spaghetti? Not so much! Well done Room 17!


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