Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Animal Flashcards

Today during a library session we became experts in an iPad app called 'Animal Flashcards' which uses QR codes and Augmented reality, which is a really fancy way of saying that we brought our flashcards to life, how cool is that?

We simply pointed the iPad camera at the card using the app and voila, an animal pops out. It's fun because you can take a photo of the animal that you can create to use later. Today we just played with the app to become more familiar with it but next week we're going to do some writing based on the animals and dinosaurs that we discover.

Carlos, Ella and Brooklyn were our experts who experimented with the amount of cards they could get to work at the same time - I think our record was 7 animals popping out at once!
Lucas was especially clever when we were exploring the app because he found that it talks to you! Here he is showing and explaining what he found out.


  1. Hi Room 17. I can't wait to visit the library tomorrow to check these out! It looks like you had fun and it looks like it will be great to help our young learners with their sounds. Challenge for you - see if you can find an app called dinopark. It lets you take a photo where you are, then a dinosaur comes crashing through!

    Mrs Martin

  2. Mrs Clarke was really happy with how everyone used the iPads. It showed her that using the iPads is something Room 17 likes and that they would like to do it again.

  3. I enjoyed seeing students from other classes having a go at lunchtime today :)


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