Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Animal Flashcards

Today during a library session we became experts in an iPad app called 'Animal Flashcards' which uses QR codes and Augmented reality, which is a really fancy way of saying that we brought our flashcards to life, how cool is that?

We simply pointed the iPad camera at the card using the app and voila, an animal pops out. It's fun because you can take a photo of the animal that you can create to use later. Today we just played with the app to become more familiar with it but next week we're going to do some writing based on the animals and dinosaurs that we discover.

Carlos, Ella and Brooklyn were our experts who experimented with the amount of cards they could get to work at the same time - I think our record was 7 animals popping out at once!
Lucas was especially clever when we were exploring the app because he found that it talks to you! Here he is showing and explaining what he found out.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Marshmallow and Spaghetti Towers

This afternoon Room 17 had a very fun challenge put to them by Mrs Clarke. A challenge to make the highest tower they could. Unfortunately there were some criteria;

  • 30 Marshmallows and a stack of spaghetti each was all we had to make them
  • They must be free standing
  • We had a 20 minute time limit to put them together
  • We worked in groups of 5 that must have boys and girls and must have Year 4 and 5 students
It was tough work! There was lots of conversation and ideas flying about the room about how we could best tackle the job. Each group came up with a different way, and it was amazing to see our different design types. But then...Mrs Clarke threw a spanner in the works! A new piece of criteria, with only 5 minutes left on the clock!
  • We must move our tower to a 'judging table' for measuring at the end of the challenge.
Man did we need to be resilient to deal with that one! Everyone bounced back with a positive attitude and got to the task at hand. Every group finished with a completed tower on their judging table! How amazing are we?

We learnt a lot about being resilient and collaborating in our groups. As the weeks go on we will be doing more challenges to help us think about how we use the competencies on our learning model. Check back weekly to see how this is going and also see our Learning Model Kite window display. It's awesome sauce!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Week 4 Homework Writing Task

Your task is to write about something that we've done at school in our first 4 weeks that you've really enjoyed.

We've been busy! There's been sports, fitness games, art, writing, reading (think about the books we've read together) and much more. Choose one thing to write about. Try to include as much information about what it is you've chosen so that our readers have a clear picture of what you're communicating.

You can write in the comments section under this post by simply clicking where it says 'No Comments' or the number of comments that has been made and it will bring up the comment box for you.

Remember to...
- Revise your writing by looking over it with a reader's eye and deciding if there's anything you should add or delete.
- Edit your writing by checking capital letters, fullstops and other punctuation as well as your spelling.
- Write your name at the end of your piece of writing.

Have fun!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Check us out!

How cool are our awesome portraits? They're showing all the fantastic learning we're planning to do this year and all our awesome ideas.

Well done guys!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Gala Helpers Needed

Waiuru Camp

I went to Waiuru which is a shooting grounds. It is dangerous. We built a dam. It’s still in construction and I even have my own tent. It is awesome camping at Waiuru and we made a fire and cooked the potatoes. Finally when we were going home we shot a hare! It was cool!

By Finn

Holiday at the beach

As the waves go crash! as the smash! the glistening sun shines over the sea. Sharing songs from generations ago. As I jump into the icy cold water i shiver to death!
As the dark dull night awakens, I play board games next to the fire. As the moon goes down and the sun goes up, I go make sand castles on the scorching hot sand. As the sausages on the barbie go sizzle sizzle sizzle! As the degrees gets higher and higher I get sunburnt! 
As the night comes I chomp on the scrumptious roast pork . I absolutely love the beach ! 
Ashley P


It is a sea monster.
What do they eat: Sharks, whales, ships.
They attack ships.

By Bailey

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Our first week!

We've had such a busy week in our new classroom! Stay tuned for some great posts next week including some students writing and some more of these wonderful pieces of art.

Here is an example of our portrait art from this week - Thanks Brooklyn and Ella. Mrs Clarke will post a photo of our finished display next week.

Enjoy your weekend.